Xenon Pay Eco System

Introduction to the Xenon Pay Eco System.

Xenon Pay Eco System

We would like to reveal our upcoming release, The Xenon Eco System.

Xenon Pay developed one of the most powerful machines in the entire crypto space. The Xenon Machine is designed to combine both Crypto Payment and Crypto Gaming applications in a unique way you never experienced before.

The Xenon Machine generates rewards that you can save up for the project's future Play to Earn releases.

In order to generate rewards from The Xenon Machine, you must insert Xenon Liquidity Tokens.

By inserting these Xenon Liquidity Tokens, you will activate the reward mechanism.

Once the reward mechanism is activated, you will be able to collect your unique Xenon Rewards at anytime.

Every individual has the choice wether they hold their Xenon Rewards and treat them like a regular currency, or save them and use them to dive into the unique Play to Earn experience (more info about this to follow up).

This update will launch the 12th of October.

To read the full Eco System Blueprint.

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