Migration X2P

We have successfully migrated to our new contract.

We succesfully finished our contract migration. 🎉 

What does this mean for all the Xenonians? 👇🏼❓🤷‍♂️

Our supply reduced from 150T to 150M. We lost six zero's. This is why you now have a lower amount of X2P, and your token holdings could have a small difference in amount. The $ value is still the same. This takes us out of the shit / meme currency category!

Temporary no price display for X2P. 

We have to get our new contract listed back in CMC to get the price displayed in Trust Wallet. Also, Trust Wallet need's to respond to our email about the logo update for the new contract.

• CEX Exchanges migration still in progress. We waiting for updates.

• You automatically received the migrated X2P if you were in possesion of X2P before the snapshots were made.

Add the new contract address: 



Xenon Staff Team

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Aland Rasoul

Chief Marketing Officer at Xenon Pay.