Xenon Play


Play to Earn (P2E) Staking & Yield farming token

Total supply
500,000,000 XPLAY


Xenon Play

Xenon Play functions as the official Xenon Reward that can be generated from the Xenon Machine after activating the reward mechanism by inserting Xenon Liquidity Tokens or Xenon Pay Tokens.

You can also use Xenon Play in the upcoming Xenon Pay Gaming Series such as Xenon Kart: Crypto Edition or Xenon Play: Minigames.

Both games will have a Play To Earn game mode. It’s up to each individual whether they keep their Xenon Play (rewards) to use them in the upcoming games or if they treat it like a trading crypto asset.

The fact that it can be treated like a trading crypto asset also gives each individual the chance to sell their Xenon Play (rewards) whenever they want, or give other people the chance to buy Xenon Play if they would like to do so.

The total currency supply of Xenon Play exists out of 500,000,000

XPLAY. Xenon Play charges a 5% Tax Fee from each transaction.

This 5% Tax Fee will be used to fund the Reward Mechanism in the Xenon Machine and Xenon Gaming Developments.

Xenon Play will be one of the leading projects in the P2E cene. We want everyone to be part of our success and to achieve financial freedom. Our team is fully dedicated and is always active. The developments that will proceed in the following time will be massive and unique. This will only grow more with the time growing. The progress that Xenon Pay has made so far is immense and Xenon pay will keep sustaining progress daily. To learn more about what Xenon Pay offers check the following.