About Xenon Pay.

Your Passive Income & Crypto Payment Solution.

What is Xenon Pay?

Decentralized Finance is the future. We do not only want to be part of it, but be one of the leading tokens in the Decentralized Finance.


The main goal of Xenon Pay is to function as a Payment Solution. We target Payment traffic targeting such as the corporate and private business sector.  We are reinventing the global Binance Smart Chain platform A very secure, smart and easy-to-use payment platform.

Decentralized finance

International transfers are only a click away. Transactions realized and documented in a matter of minutes. This all at the cost of less than a dollar. X2P makes this possible for the global public. This happens without any third party involved! X2P tokens are traded on a peer to peer network where every user is seen and treated as equal.

Hedge Against Inflation

As every cryptocurrency and scare commodities such as gold and silver X2P is equally fitting as a hedge to inflation. This thanks to the deflationary aspect of the algorithm. The supply will only decrease over time thanks to manual token burns. With every manual supply burn, the total value of a single token will increase as there less tokens in circulation.

generate a passive income

The 10% Transaction Fee rewards token holders with holding their tokens. The 10% transaction fee will be redistributed over all X2P holders every transaction that is processed.
We want to motivate people by holding their tokens and maximize their passive income to full extent. Staking of X2P is also a way to generate a passive income.

staking & farming

Holders are able to stake X2P and farm Xenon Play as a reward token. At the same time when holders stake X2P or XPLAY. The X2P & XPLAY liquidity pool will become stronger and bigger. XPLAY is build around a Staking & Farming pool it fits perfectly as a reward for staking X2P.

Xenon Play is a extension of Xenon Pay.

Means Of Payment

The Binance Smart Chain is known for its low network fee and stunning transaction process time. X2P being a BEP20 token (built on BSC) makes it a very valuable currency for making payments.

In the near future The Xenon Payment card will be launched. You will be able to spend your X2P while on the go everywhere!

Our mission

It’s only a matter of time until the Binance Smart Chain takes the leading roll in decentralized finance.

Our mission as Xenon Pay is to not only be part of the movement of decentralized finance but play an active role in exploration and development of this technology.

One of our main goals is to function as a crypto payment solution. In the near future the Xenon Payment card will be released which you can use for your daily transactions.

Means of international money transfers are only a click away of being sent. Transactions can be processed and received in a matter of minutes. The BSC Network makes this possible for the global public. This happens without any centralized establishments or any third party involved! Xenon Pay is traded on a decentralized peer to peer network where every user is seen and treated as equal.

The Xenon Pay Token is also an hedge to inflation. This thanks to the deflationary aspect of the algorithm of Xenon Pay.
The supply will only decrease over time thanks to manual token supply burns! Which increases the value per token with every token supply burn that happens on a monthly basis.

The amount of tokens automatically redistributed are based on the absolute volume per transaction. This causes holders to constantly receive a reward for holding.
A constant staking reward strongly reduces selling pressure compared to ordinary staking methods practiced on most exchanges.

With the unique tokenomics of X2P, holders create an attractive passive income independent from market behavior.

Our story

Xenon Pay is the Project of
Piri Vries (Software Developer & Technical Engineer)
Dylan van Duijn. (Software Developer & Technical Engineer)

The Founders have been in the crypto space for a very long time. They have been exposed to coding and crypto from a early age and have a big network of software developers and crypto guru's.

Both crypto investors and experts desired to further develop crypto as a payment system. Pooling their strengths they designed a monetary value protected against inflation. Keeping eye on investor safety and awareness in the process.

We are empowering people to achieve financial freedom together. We Dynamically utilize client-focused “outside the box” thinking via interoperable strategic theme areas. Monotonically grows cross-platform convergence.

The total staff exists of 20+ people with different qualities and a shared passion for the project. Many of them have years of experience working in the crypto space.

The staff is divided in different time zones to provide 24/7 customer support and all round interoperability.

Roadmap 2021

Our Official Roadmap for 2021.

Towards a truly

This the official Xenon Pay Roadmap
Of the year 2021. Xenon Pay has very interesting updates and use cases in terms of development on the way.

The goals on the roadmap that we will achieve in the year 2021.


infrastructure Development

- Third Manual Token Supply Burn.
- X2P First Token Airdrop.
- Second Contract Audit by CertiK.
- Roadmap 2022 Release.
- Stages of Xenon App Development.
- BabyX2P Farming & Staking Launch.
- Fifth Exchange Listing


Initial Announcement

- Fourth Manual Token Supply Burn.
- Xenon App Beta Launch.
- Xenon Merchandise Expansion
- X2P Artwork Community Contest.
- Marketing Phase Beta starts.
- Sixth Exchange Listing.


Beta Release

- Fifth Manual Token Supply Burn.
- Xenon App Beta Expansion.
- First Xenon Pay Podcast.
- Xenon Wallet Development Stages.
- Second Xenon Meme Contest.
- Seventh Exchange Listing.


Official Launch

- Sixth Manual Token Supply Burn.
- Xenon App Official Launch.
- Xenon Wallet Beta Launch.
- Xenon Payment Card Development.
- Expansion of Staff Members.
- Eighth Exchange Listing.


Official Launch

- Seventh Manual Token Supply Burn.
- Xenon App Official Expansion.
- Xenon Wallet Official Launch.
- Xenon Payment Card Proto Type.
- Xenon Pay Charity Donation.
- Xenon Pay Christmas Giveaway.
- Xenon Pay Christmas Art Contest.
- X2P Christmas Distribution.
- Ninth Exchange Listing.

Our Team

Our Core Team of Xenon Pay